About us

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Rideaway, a name that by itself already means a lot, run, run away…..

It’s so that we of Rideaway Staff, intend to run away from everything around you, and in this way, surround you with all that we like in Dolomites and Trentino.

360° Mountain Bike “no frills”, of course, because a Mountain Bike tour must leave something inside, give the essential, to give a lot and leave a lasting impression, because it is the nature of the harshness of a landscape, the difficulty of a climb, the excitement for a fast and “flow” Trail, and the challenge of a technical descent, that help us to find the charge to return to normality.

Our Guides, all Certified Instructors, after twenty years of experience on the trails of our region are able to help you to discover unexplored corners, and absolutely beyond the classic destinations of Mountain Bike”mass”, why is in silents uncontaminated spaces that you can find the right “balance” and begin to “give up the brakes” of everyday life. Yes, this is Rideaway, 360° Mountain Bike “no frills”, if you’re ready, come to us !!