Triveneto Enduro MTB: the awards

Due to sport events concomitance, TRIVENETO ENDURO MTB organizers have decided to postpone Triveneto Enduro MTB winners awards to the first race of the 2015 circuit edition, on April at Trieste. Final 2014 races calendar will come soon. Hoping to see all of you at Trieste, enjoy the remaining races of this fantastic year!

TRIVENETO ENDURO: final results

After last stop at Reschen, it’s overall classment time. Let see who are the 2014 Triveneto Enduro MTB circuit champions… Assoluta agonisti 1° Braidot Stefano UC CAPRIVESI 2° DöHL Ludwig Cube Action Team 3° Sartori Massimo ASD PEDALE RONCHESE Assoluta amatori (categorie master) 1° Rossa Damiano A.S. DILETTANTISTICA MARTES TEAM 2° Zortea Nicola A.S.D. CYCLING [...]